RCC is a company committed to bringing the outdoors rock climbing experience to anyone that likes challenges, nature, and achievement. Our main activity is sport rock climbing as well as other climbing types; RCC enterprise is driving rock climbing as a new sport on Island and activity for Curacao people.

In addition, RCC operates the North face of Tafeleberg offering hiking at Santa Barbara Plantation. Our experienced guides can safely take you and instruct you in all hiking and climbing spots.

RCC guides provide a safe environment in which you can experience hiking, rappelling and best of all, climbing. Each guide has years of experience both as a climber and a guide to ensure that you have a fun, memorable experience.


The RCC Team

At Rock Climbing Curaçao we have an excellent team of experts in sport climbing

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos

Climbing Expert

Mechanical Engineer by profession, with a master’s degree in rotating equipment and specialist in pumps, entrepreneur in several countries such as USA, Venezuela, and Curacao.

Rock climber for over 21 years with experience in both sports climbing, traditional and ice climbing, with first ascents in different locations to the east of Venezuela.

His passion, dedication and constancy in rock climbing has taken him to many countries and places such as Devils Tower, Wyoming, Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Malibu Creek, Echo cliffs, Riverside Quarry, Mount Gorge, Taquihtz Rock in California, Red Rocks–Nevada, Smith Rocks–Oregon, Devils Lake–Wisconsin, Red River Gorge–Kentucky, Pictured Rocks–Iowa, Reimers Ranch, Green Belt, Enchanted Rocks–Texas, Dinant–Belgium, Dorset–England, Suesca–Colombia, Pan de Azucar–Brazil, Arenales–Argentina, Roraima, La Guairita, La Puerta de Miraflores, Humocaro, Torrellero, La Puerta de Miraflores and Chorreron in Venezuela.

Wimer David Juárez

Wimer David Juárez

Climbing Expert

Director and founder of the company “Acción Directa“.

Well recognized as one of the most relevant figures of extreme sports in Venezuela, especially in the world of rock climbing and mountain biking.

He is one of the creators of the Venezuelan Federation of Climbing. He chaired the National Commission of Equipment in Rock (CONAER).

Is international trainer and route setter with more than 25 years of experience (Route Setter Climbing) He has performed high-performance rock climbing in Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, USA and Europe.

David is also a Mountain Bike expert with several years of experience as Trainer, course setter and technical manager of Olympic Games cross-country mountain bike.

Felipe Cadavid

Felipe Cadavid

Climbing Expert

Climbing guide and instructor, with more than 20 years of experience. Founder of the operating and travel agency Vertical Extremo in 2006. Owner of the Caminos de Suesca Hostel, in Colombia, South America. With knowledge in vertical rescue operations, coordinator and technician at heights. Carrying out work at high altitudes and confined areas, Certified in WFR by CEMMA Aider Colombia as (first respondent in wild areas). Aperturist of climbing and trekking routes in parks like Suesca, Colombia. Carrying out and developing assemblies in different sites of via ferratas, Tibetan bridges, zip lines, canopies, heights circuits, among others. Aperturista of the “Cañon de las Lechuzas” via ferrata, hiking and canoeing natural reserve and tourist site in Suesca, Cundinamarca. Design and construction of climbing walls for 6 years. Organizer of climbing sports events and adventure races. I look forward to providing you with all my knowledge and being able to help you throughout your climbing process.

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