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Climbing in Curacao and RCC

Curacao has a unique combination of climbing, beach, fun, and sun to captivate the attention of everyone who visits the island. Visiting curacao is the dream holiday!

Over the last years, RCC has been committed to develop climbing sites and converting Curacao in the best climbing destination in the Caribbean region. RCC proudly offers all participants a safe and fun climbing experience.

Curacao highlights:
  • High quality limestone type climbable rock formations at four different sites for all climbing levels
  • The rock walls are mainly facing North which provides shade on the walls most of the day
  • The tropical weather allows all year round climbing
  • Developed and overall good tourism infrastructure
  • Daily flights from the USA, Europe (Amsterdam), and Latin American
  • Large accommodation variety & facilities for all budgets
  • Easy access to transportation and climbing walls and scenic locations

A half day climbing sport is a fun activity for people of all ages, individuals, couples, families or organized groups.

RCC Certified Climbing Guides has years of experience both as climber and as guide. In addition you will also experience hiking and rappelling.

The Spots

Sergio Ramos at Roi Rincon Rock Climbing Curacao


Located by Hato Roi Rincon shows amazing rock formations with 18 total low to moderate routes, sport and top rope short lines and nice temperatures all day long during the most of seasons.

This park is administrated by Stitching Uniek an RCC partner.

Climbing Grade: the difficulty range from 5.6 to 5.11+.

Access: you can miss the yellow color gate, drive until you can’t go further then park, walk on the main path about 5 minutes routes will be at the left side.

Roi Rincon Rock Climbing Curacao
Fort Beekenburg Rock Climbing Curacao


Located at CaracasBaai right across from the old fort, a great place for beginner climbers in a very scenic spot by the sea. These standing alone rock formations have sport and top rope short routes, very fun slab climbing those fits anyone skills and strengths, best temperatures are early morning to noon.

Climbing Grade: the difficulty ranges from 5.5 to 5.10C

Access: At the roundabout, turn left onto the Caracasbaaiweg, Keep following the Caracasbaaiweg, Follow the road to what seems to be its end, Follow the seaside road to the private pier entrance; just before the entrance turn left, Follow the road to a T‐intersection, then turn right.


Roi Rincon Rock Climbing Curacao
Piscadera Wall Rock Climbing Curacao


Piscadera Area is the north face of Seru Pretu, with four areas starting at Piscadera wall amazing overhung, then next sector is Queen, Seru Pretu and 25 minutes hiking up the trail is Jack’s sparrow wall,  there’re total 25 bolted routes, for this area you will need 12 quickdraws maximum and 60 meters rope, this spot may get very hot at certain hours specially between May to September, bring extra water and sunscreen.

Climbing Grade: the difficulty ranges from 5.9 to 5.13B

Access: Drive on Helmin Magno Wiels blvd until reaching Piscadera weg roundabout exit towards the obvious mountain so called Seru Pretu, then turn right and uphill until you reach a dead-end street, you will see Mrs. Luduina house on the right and the trailhead to the left of her house. Follow the trail up to the walls.  


Piscadera Wall Rock climbing Curacao
Tafelberg - Vortice Wall

Climbing at Tafelberg

The north face wall of Tafelberg has the most amazing rock climbing in the island; exhibiting a quality solid limestone and clean wall of around 1.7 Km wide; routes are up to 50 meters height; wall is shaded for the most part of the day and wind blows constantly creating a nice cooler temperature for climbing.

 The approach to the walls is between 30 to 60 minutes hike from the beginning of the trail; transportation means are available from entrance gate to the trail head; There are 26 sport routes from 5.7 to 5.12C and 1 trad climb 5.7 set up; RCC is working to equip up to 500 more routes in 2021.

Climbing trips are available for newcomers or those who wants to hike and climb with an experience guide. Belaying partners are also available for experienced climbers travelling alone. Full day guided climbing at Tafelberg cost US$85 for groups more than two people or US$125 for a solo climber.

Solo or group experienced climbers must check in at the shop, sign the waiver and pay the entrance fee US$30

“My experience climbing with th RCC team in Curacao was incredible!, they really know the climbing spots and are very professionals.  Thanks again Guys!”

Leonardo Ramos


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