The Tafelberg is the most iconic mountain on Curacao!

The Tafelberg is located in southeastern Curaçao, near the Santa Barbara beach. It is 196.1 meters (643 ft) high, making it the fourth-highest point on Curaçao. The earliest written reference to the Santa Barbara plantation, where the Tafelberg is situated, and covers an area of about 1200 hectares, dates to the 16th century.
This amazing formation is in the premises of Santa Barbara Plantation. “It stands out rather distinctively amid the mostly flat surroundings around Spanish Waters Bay in southeastern Curacao, a jagged peak rising steeply to one side giving way to a flat plateau on the other.”
The Mighty Tafelberg in Curacao
Hiking at tafelberg

Hiking the Tafelberg

The Tafelberg has two opened hiking trails that submit the mountain, the longest walk starts at RCC shop at the gate of Santa Barbara Plantation all the way to the far east of the north face 2.5 miles/4KM approximate distance; another trail to the west end of the wall 1.8 miles/2.8 Km approximate distance, an steep terrain section of about 30 minutes to reach the wall base, for those that wants to skip the approaching section to the skirt of the mountain, other means of transportation is available (bicycles, car ride).

 The vegetation of the area is sparse, owing to the endemic lack of water. For the first time, visitors are highly recommended to get a guided trip.

If you’re planning on doing the unguided hike, we recommend starting as early as possible to avoid sun heat. 

Solo or group experienced hikers must check in at the shop, sign the waiver and pay the entrance fee US$20

Hikers must

Bring Water Rock Climbing Curacao

Bring 1L of water

Sport Wear Rock Climbing Curacao

Wear sport or hiking shoes and socks

Wear Sun Protection RCC

Wear hat or other sun protection

Bring Food Rock Climbing Curacao

Bring snacks or food

Stay on the trail Path RCC

Stay on the trail path

Beware of the Cactuses RCC

Beware of cactuses

Respect Nature RCC

Respect nature

No Behind Philosophy RCC

Practice no traces behind philosophy

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