Tafelberg Moon Hike

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Hiking the Tafelberg under the full moon is a must do and see for all visitors and habitants of Curaçao.

The full moon is not the only attraction you’ll encounter during this hiking tour, you’ll also be able to enjoy the amazing view during the sunset while standing at our Proa viewing point on top of the Tafelberg.


The Tafelberg; The Tafelberg mesa is in southeastern Curaçao, near the Santa Barbara beach. It is 196.1 meters (643 ft) high, making it the fourth-highest point on Curaçao. The earliest written reference to the Santa Barbara plantation, where the Tafelberg is situated, and covers an area of about 1200 hectares, dates to the 16th century.

Tafelberg is the most iconic mountain in Curacao; this amazing formation is in the premises of Santa Barbara Plantation. “It stands out rather distinctively amid the mostly flat surroundings around Spanish Waters Bay in southeastern Curacao, a jagged peak rising steeply to one side giving way to a flat plateau on the other.”

Every participant is required to carry a headlamp on the full moon hike. Whoever isn’t in possession of such equipment can borrow one of ours in exchange for a drivers license or an ID as guarantee.

We’d recommend putting on some old sneakers. If you have hiking shoes, even better!

Please make sure that you bring a backpack for your water bottles and other items. You don’t want to be carrying stuff in your hands on this hike.

We sell cold beverages in our shop, but you are free to bring your own. It’s also recommended to bring a snack.

If the parking lot in front of the shop happens to be full at the time you arrive, please park at the big parking lot on the other side.

Regarding the timing of the sunset, we have a strict schedule and will leave at the appointed time. To make sure we have enough time to verify names and to assign participants their group, please arrive at least 15 minutes before scheduled departure.


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