Sunset Hike

Sunset Hike

Each hiker is present at the RCC shop at least 20 minutes before the hike starts, so that there is enough time to fill in the waivers.  Also to hand out the bracelets that indicate to which group each hiker belongs. Each participant can use one of RCC’S headlights.
The RCC shop is the starting point of the hike, so when the group is complete, the hike starts immediately. There are three water-breaks in total. The schedule is coordinated in a certain way that the hikers reach the top of the Tafelberg right before the sunset.
Thereafter they enjoy the view at the Proa lookout point during the sunset.  After the sun goes down, the hike goes on. The way back is not the same trail as the way up. When the time is right, the guide will ask the participants to put and turn on their headlamps.
The hike takes around 3-3.5 hours in total. The length of the trail is 8.5 km/5.3 miles.  Every healthy person without injuries can do this hike.  Some parts are more challenging than other parts, as you can see on the pictures.

  • The view from the Proa lookout point during the sunset
  • Hiking in the dark at the Tafelberg
  • The Fauna and Flora
Rock Climbing Curacao Sunrise Hike at Tafelberg

General Information


  • Access to Santa Barbara Plantation
  • Access to the Tafelberg
  • Rent for a headlight
  • At least one guide


  • Put on sporty clothes
  • Put on hiking shoes. If you don’t have those, we recommend comfortable sneakers that are in good condition and can get dirty.
  • You’ll want to have something to drink during this activity. You can either bring your own water or buy cold beverages at our shop (you’ll only pass by our shop if the Tafelberg is the location you picked).
  • We recommend bringing a small snack.

Solo or group experienced hikers must check in at the shop, sign the waiver and pay the entrance fee US$20

Are You Ready?

In order to speed the things up, please  read and fill our online Hiking Waiver.

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If you have a question about our services or have a special request, please contact us!

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