Via Ferrata + Abseling

Via Ferrata + Abseling

What is a Via Ferrata?
A Via Ferrata is a course set out with a fixed steel cable along a rock wall. The difference with normal rock climbing is that the climber secures himself/herself using the iron cable, instead of a second person belaying the climber via a rope.
Meeting point is the RCC shop. The crew dispense the necessary gear to the clients. After that, the guide takes the clients to the Tafelberg, which is a 10-minute drive with our minivan.
From the point where the RCC van gets parked, it’s around 15 minutes hiking to reach the Via Ferrata. After having received clear instructions, the clients ascend the Via Ferrata under the guide’s surveillance.
The VF brings them to the top of the Tafelberg, which is a big platform. Next up is the Proa lookout point. A small break while enjoying the view. Thereafter, it’s time for the abseiling.
The guide gives instructions and explanation concerning the techniques and safety for the abseiling. Each client descends through ‘el Abismo’, a big hole at 50 meters of altitude. Experience is not required for this tour, any beginner can do it!

  • The sensation of climbing the Tafelberg independently with the help of the Via Ferrata
  • The view from the Proa lookout point
  • Descending through ‘el Abismo’ as good as independently
Rock Climbing Curacao Via Ferrata

General Information


  • Access to Santa Barbara Plantation
  • Rent for all the climbing gear
  • At least one guide
  • A visit to the Proa lookout point (view over the Spanish Waters)


  • Put on sporty clothes
  • Put on hiking shoes. If you don’t have those, we recommend comfortable sneakers that can get dirty.
  • You’ll want to have something to drink during this activity. You can either bring your own water or buy cold beverages at our shop (you’ll only pass by our shop if the Tafelberg is the location you picked).

Solo or group experienced climbers must check in at the shop, sign the waiver and pay the entrance fee US$30

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